There are oodles of travel apps out there, some of which are pure gimmickry. We have put together a selection of our favourite mobile and web apps that are actually useful: they’re easy to use and will help make travel seamless, enjoyable and even save you money.

WiFi Map

(c) Wifi Map

If you have ever been abroad, desperate to get online and tempted to splash out on data, first download WiFi Map. This ingenious app, which is available on iPhone and Android devices for free, helps you to connect to the Internet through 100 million+ hotspots globally. It relies on local communities recording WiFi passwords, with 5000 hotspots added daily. This is supported by clever AI (artificial intelligence) which is continuously learning and updating its database, so passwords are 99.8% accurate.

Importantly, you can view nearby hotspots without being connected to the Internet. There’s a really helpful map-viewing feature so you can easily see all your options. You can also download the WiFi passwords for entire cities (you’ll need to be connected for this). There are over 13,000 hotspots registered in London alone!

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If you’re flexible on dates, Hitlist can help you save loads of cash by alerting you to fantastic flight deals to your chosen destinations. The user friendly mobile app allows you to build lists of places you would love to visit, and gives you options for the cheapest times to travel.

Hitlist automatically filters flights departing from your chosen airport. The free app also features an “Explore” section where you can garner inspiration. All prices listed are for return flights, which saves you the effort of trying to find the best deals yourself.

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(c) LuggageHero

Exploring cities while laden with heavy bags is never much fun. Now you can store your luggage in London, New York and Copenhagen thanks to an innovative new web app, LuggageHero. For just €1/$1 an hour (€2 start-up fee, with a max €10/$7 per day), users can store their bags at over 250 locations. Storage venues include hotels, restaurants, bars and even retailers.

Each bag will be given a security tag and luggage is also fully insured to ensure safety and piece of mind. Customers can book in advance or on the day of travel. You will only pay for the hours you use, and you can pick up your luggage at any time. Just make sure you check the opening hours of your chosen storage venue!


Green Zones

(c) Green Zones

This useful and free mobile app offers valuable information for those who are planning to travel in Western Europe by car. Anti-pollution laws require that drivers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany have a special environmental sticker or badge on their car to allow them entry to city “green zones”.

The free app includes clear, detailed information on European environmental zones and current entry rights and restrictions. It also has a convenient search function to check if your hotel is located within an environmental zone. If you require a badge, you can order one through the app and avoid the risk of paying a heavy fine.

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Flymble (UK only)

Did you know that flight prices can fluctuate hugely over time? If you find an amazing deal but can’t afford the upfront cost, Flymble could be your saving grace. The newly launched booking platform allows you to book a flight for 1/10th of the price and then spread the cost over the course of several months.

Simply go onto the Flymble website, search for and pick a flight and fill in your details. They’ll perform a quick credit check (done in seconds) and you pay an initial fee. The rest is spread across 3-10 equal monthly payments. It’s a great way to avoid saving up for a flight for months, only to find the price has shot up.


Disclaimer: this article was written in partnership with WIFI Map, Luggage Hero and Green Zones.

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