Unlike any other destination, Tuscany offers a rare alchemy of climate, culture, and cuisine that coalesce into an experience far surpassing the ordinary. The Tuscan sun bathes the region in a warm, golden glow, blessing it with more sunny days than its European or Scandinavian counterparts, and setting the stage for an idyllic escape.

Villas in Tuscany – Setting Tuscany Apart

It’s in this picturesque setting that the concept of “la dolce vita” finds its true embodiment. Tuscany’s historic cities brim with art and architecture, while its pastoral countryside whispers the secrets of centuries-old winemaking traditions.

But what truly sets Tuscany apart is its villas – specifically, its array of luxury mansions that are less like places to stay and more like gateways to another world, where beauty, comfort, and tranquillity reign supreme.

These properties, often centuries-old and restored to their former glory with a keen eye for modern luxury serve as private havens, offering sumptuousness and allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the Tuscan way of life.

With exclusive amenities, bespoke services, and unparalleled privacy, each villa promises a top-tier travel venture that’s as rich in authenticity as it is in opulence. From the vineyard-clad hills of Chianti to the historic charm of Siena, each villa is a jewel in Tuscany’s crown, providing a unique vantage point from which to explore the region’s abundant treasures.

Be it the serenity of a morning spent sipping espresso at the mist rolls over the hills, or the joy of a leisurely afternoon swim in a private pool overlooking the Mediterranean, these mansions ensure each moment is laced with luxury.

We asked the villas experts from Kinglike for the best Tuscany villas, so let’s usher you into the world of the best villas to stay in Tuscany – where comfort meets the timeless allure of Italy’s heartland, and every stay promises an experience that soars above the rest.

Tuscany Villa Marie

Villa Marie
Villa Marie

Sleeps: 18, Location: Capannori, Lucca, Nightly Rate: €3.000-€4.700

An eclectic estate gracefully sitting atop a Lucca hill overlooking the magnificence of the Tuscan countryside. The majestic 18th-century mansion feels like a palace, exuding a royal-like aura just by laying eyes on it.

Hands down, one of the most beautiful villas in Tuscany, welcoming guests with adorable themed gardens, exceptionally well-groomed lawns, structured grassy outdoor spaces, and Romanesque-style gazebos with delightful white wisteria canopies. As you stroll through its glorious courtyard, you instantly feel a reinvigorating aristocratic ambiance encompassing you.

Terracotta rooftops, elaborate wall art, exposed wooden ceilings, antique furniture, Tessieri tiles, Murano chandeliers, and a wide range of modern amenities, including a lift connecting all levels of the dream-like estate offer aesthetic appeal and numerous opportunities for relaxation and sojourn.

Details like a private lake, swimming pool, a wine cellar, an organic vegetable garden providing the ingredients of the delicious jams and candied fruits served at the lavish dining room, a helipad, and a basement with s sauna, hammam, relaxation lounge, and hydromassage jets don’t even begin to describe the facilities and world-class services that await on the other end of this Tuscan experience.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: For the botanically inclined, the local Camellia Festival showcases a stunning array of blossoms. Adventure-seekers can explore the ancient Aqueduct of Nottolini, a remarkable feat of engineering, now a scenic route for walkers and cyclists. Nearby, the enchanting city of Lucca beckons with its intact Renaissance walls, perfect for a leisurely stroll, while opera enthusiasts can delve into the world of Puccini, Lucca’s most famous son, at his birthplace museum.

Parco del Principe

Parco de principe at kinglikeconcierge.com
Parco de principe c. kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps 14, Location: Chiusi, Val d’Orcia Nightly Rate: €2.700 – €4.143

Nestled within the undulated Tuscan landscape, the Parco del Principe villa represents a symphony of elegance and exclusivity. This bastion of luxury boasts an extensive array of VIP amenities designed to cater to the most discerning guests.

From the attentive services of a private butler and personal chef to the convenience of a live-in housekeeper, every need is anticipated. Wellness and leisure facilities within the lavish estate include a state-of-the-art gym, a refined sauna room, a private water well, and an inviting pool bar.

Architecturally, the villa is a testament to the grandeur of Tuscan design, with its tower-like structures that echo the region’s historical narrative, integrating Gothic nuances into its build. The beautiful estate radiates romance, with cherubic statues gracing the verdant gardens, pathways lined with stately trees leading to the grand entrance, and pergolas shrouded in diaphanous drapes, setting the stage for elegant outdoor soirees.

Inside, Romanesque fireplaces and rustic furnishing convey a noble charm, while the themed en-suite bedrooms and eclectically styled living spaces offer an ambiance of aristocratic comfort. The interior’s luxurious amenities are matched by the mansion’s exteriors with its impeccably groomed lawns arranged in geometric patterns. Other luxe amenities include a private pool, a sauna, and a massage room.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The National Etruscan Museum is a must-visit in the area, as are the storied vineyards of Montepulciano and the rejuvenating waters of Bagno Vignoni. Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also within each reach (ideal destination for short day trips), as well as Lake Trasimeno, and Siena.

Tuscany Villa Busini

Villa Busini at kinglikeconcierge.com
Villa Busini c. kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps 14, Location: Rufina, Florence, Nightly Rate: Upon Request

Just a short drive from the iconic Florence and its majestic Renaissance magnificence lies this breath-cutting mansion with adorable ancient Roman details (see sculpted busts, ancient amphorae, Romanesque-style wallpaper, and a Renaissance garden ideal for leisurely walks).

Marble, wrought-iron bannisters, beautiful French doors opening to spectacular scenery, eclectic glass dining tables, soaring beamed ceilings, and intricate fireplaces lay the table for lavish experiences both inside and outside the imposing mansion.

Staying loyal to its ancient grandeur, the property has kept its original tile work and overall traditional Tuscan design, adding touches of conventional comforts to make a dreamy stay for the discerning guest.

An in-house chef makes sure you are spoiled with local delicacies prepared in the fully equipped kitchen, while outdoor facilities like the tennis court, infinity pool, fountain, grapevine, olive grove, and private church add a unique sense of understated elegance, luxury, exclusivity, and comfort.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: Since you are staying in a part of the Chianti Rufina wine zone, visiting the town’s wine museum is a must, as is a wine-tasting experience, especially for oenophiles who desire to pamper their taste buds with the most robust and renowned local wines. Rufina’s weekly market is a hub of local activity and a place to immerse yourself in the vibrant community life while sampling regional specialties. The nearby Sieve River offers a quaint backdrop for cycling and strolls. A short train ride away lies the iconic Florence and its world-famous art and architecture.

Tuscany Villa Volterra

Villa Volterra at kinglikeconcierge.com
Villa Volterra at kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 6, Location: Volterra, Siena, Nightly Rate: €815 – €1.386

This masterpiece that pampers the designer and haute couturier inside us, majestically marries features borrowed from traditional Tuscan architecture with contemporary style lines, creating a refreshing and modern property that oozes lavishness and grace.

A gleaming heated swimming pool with marble details, charming red-tile roofs, adorable stone facades, iconic cubic structures, cobbled walkways meandering through the lush garden and verdant land, combine with beamed ceilings, wooden floors, underfloor cooling and heating systems, and granite countertops to give birth to a work of art.

Spacious interiors, open floor plans, touches of eclectic style, beautiful bannisters leading to the lavish ensuite bedrooms of the upper floor, and an arresting outdoor area featuring loungers, well-clipped lawns, and countless green spots to enjoy a good book, an afternoon aperitif, an early morning espresso or an evening BBQ under the starry sky paint the perfect picture for six.

However, Villa Volterra is a strong candidate for honeymooners. Minimalism at its finest, combined with all the other amenities and features make it one of the best villas in Tuscany for couples looking for a cutting-edge Tuscan stay with pinches of old-world charm.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: Volterra is a repository of history and art that also provides captivating panoramas of the Tuscan landscape. Known for its Etruscan origins and well-preserved Roman Theatre, it’s a journey through centuries. Its alabaster workshops offer a unique insight into an ancient craft, producing translucent works of art that have adorned homes and palaces for generations. From the Etruscan Museum and the mediaeval fortress to dining ventures starring biodynamic wines and local pecorino cheese, expect to have your hands full at all times.

Tuscany Villa Guardistallo

Villa Marie
Villa Marie

Sleeps: 21, Location: Guardistallo, Pisa, Nightly Rate: €958 – €1.415

A palatial sensation gently wraps around you the moment you enter this immoderate mansion. Rightfully perceived as one of the most beautiful villas in Tuscany, Villa Guardistallo has a unique way to leave everybody absolutely startled. Period.

Whether you fancy opening your window only to be greeted with views of cascading valleys, rolling hills, and teeming mountains, sounds of birds’ chirping, and a gentle breeze bringing the freshness of the Tuscan countryside right into your posh en-suite bedroom, or simply desire the finest in life, this is it.

During your alfresco dining experiences, even the chairs are far from ordinary. Elaborate designs, intricate wrought-iron details, crystal glasses, vaulted ceilings, and an enormous plot of lush land sprawling before your eyes, are complemented by a private terrace with a BBQ, a heated private pool, a football pitch, and a table tennis.

That should give you a pretty good idea of what awaits on the other end of your Tuscan ventures with Villa Guardistallo serving as your strategically located base, and Pisa, Lucca, and Sienna an hour’s drive away.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The must-visit historical centrepiece in the area is Castello dei Gherardesca. Artisan shops, cobblestone streets, pristine beaches within close proximity, and local dishes like wild boar pasta are also part of the menu here. The village’s strategic location also makes it a fantastic base for short daily trips to iconic destinations like Pisa and Florence.

Podere Rombolino

Podere Rombolino at kinglikeconcierge.com
Podere Rombolino at kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 18, Location: Sarteano, Val d’Orcia, Nightly Rate: €1.524 – €3.238

A cypress-lined road leads you straight into the embrace of Podere Rombolino and its astounding cobbled paths, exposed stone walls, red-tile rooftops, wooden pergolas, and charming rustic ambiance. Paying tribute to traditional Tuscan architecture, it feels like an aesthetic ballad that balances the appeal of the old with the conveniences of the new.

Besides the spellbinding views of the rolling countryside that stretch for as far as the eye can see, the luxurious mansion awaits to spoil guests with luxe perks like an infinity pool, an indoor bar, a gym, and even a playroom with ping pong and football tables.

Fine gastronomy is also a centrepiece in Podere Rombolino, providing several chic dining spaces to enjoy delicious local cuisine, either outside, at the designated dining area next to the delightful vegetable garden or the lavish indoor dining space with the eclectic details.

Alfresco experiences take a different role here, with the presence of a built-in BBQ, while the fireplaces are dreamy spots to gather around on a colder day.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The imposing castle dating to the 11th-century is a popular pole of attraction in the area. The Archaeological Museum feels like heaven to culture enthusiasts, who can also explore the enigmatic Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga. The nearby Lake of Sarteano is a great place to visit if you love nature, while the thermal baths and the frescoed churches are not to be missed either. Also, once a year, the scenic town holds a jousting festival that engulfs visitors in a festive atmosphere.

Casa del Fiume

Casa del Fiume at kinglikeconcierge.com
Casa del Fiume at kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 8, Location: Castiglion del Bosco, Val d’Orcia, Nightly Rate: Upon Request

If the “English Patient” and the “Gladiator” make your heart skip a beat, so will Casa del Fiume’s arresting location. Encompassed by rippling hillsides, gentle slopes, meandering roads snaking through the verdant terrain, and myriads shades of green, this is love at first sight.

It could also become a tranquil sanctuary for intimate gatherings with a few loved ones (the furry babies included) or you could allow it to become one of the best villas in Tuscany for couples, with ample space to relax, enjoy privacy, and spoil yourself with the lavishness coming straight out of every corner.

Outside await top-tier amenities like a tennis court, multiple sitting and lounge areas distinguished by posh and style, a wooden oven for your afternoon alfresco creations, pergolas to provide shade to your evening readings or early morning meditation, a swimming pool, and a portable BBQ to take culinary fun wherever you desire.

Inside, rustic furniture, ornate armchairs, beamed ceilings, renaissance wall art, polka dots dancing with striped and floral patterns in perfect harmony, swanky drapes, ritzy wallpaper, and luxe en-suite bedrooms, are stylish additions that enhance any experience.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The area boasts some of the oldest wineries in Italy, which gives you the opportunity to taste the world-acclaimed Brunello di Montalcino right from the source. The ruins of the mediaeval castle and the frescoed church within the village are needed stops. The thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni and the Renaissance treasures of Siena are also close by.

Tuscany Villa Delle Donne

Villa Delle Donne
Villa Delle Donne

Sleeps: 14, Location: Panzano, Chianti, Nightly Rate: €1.715 – €3.058

There come times when words like “grandiose” and “regal” suddenly feel inadequate to fully describe a mansion or a life experience that villas like Delle Donne can provide with relative ease. Interwoven with luxury, it offers an environment of exclusivity and high-end living. From the idyllic local architecture and timeless design to the VIP amenities, every aspect of this property is suffused with style and elegance.

The refreshing dives in the swimming pool feel like immersions to the deep green of the landscape ringing you. The open plan areas featuring chic living rooms with fireplaces and satellite televisions, indoor dining spaces with breakfast bars, the interior heated pool with sweeping garden views through massive windows, and perks like an interior bar, an individual-entrance suite, a grapevine, and a private heated pool adorning the exterior of the majestic property are multi-tier magnetic appeal in action.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: Sitting atop a hill that divides Greve and Pesa, Panzano is highly famed for its Chianti Classico wines. The village also hosts a local weekly market and is home to famed butcher Dario Cecchini, whose shop is a culinary landmark. The area even offers scenic walking trails that meander through the vineyards (perfect for photography enthusiasts). The ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta adds a touch of historic splendour to the locale.

Tuscany Villa Mori

Tuscany villa

Tuscany Villa Mori c. kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 28, Location: Lucca, Lucca, Nightly Rate: €3.643 – €4.786

With the charming looks of an English mansion and the spectacular design featuring the most iconic traditional Tuscan architecture, such as exposed stone walls, beautiful pastel facades, floral archways adorned with pink and white roses, imposing French doors, and lots of windows to allow natural light to shower each space.

Stepping inside, one can instantly feel the overpowering effect of the aristocratic ambiance and rustic vibes, through intricate mirrors, desks with decorative embellishments, details with folk art influences, classy lightning fixtures, and florals that marry with stripes in a union that’s destined to last forever.

The pet-friendly masterpiece takes it a step further when it comes to spoiling guests, by providing a private chef and all the professional equipment they need to make the kitchen area their personal playground to pamper your palate with delicious culinary creations.

As expected, there is more than enough space for everybody to enjoy privacy and comforts, be it with a good book in hand or a glass of the finest local wine from the villa’s wine cellar. Unless, of course, you’d rather pay the sauna and Turkish bath a visit for moments of endless sojourn.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The well-preserved walls of Lucca capture the quintessential charm of Tuscany (now serving as a pedestrian promenade offering captivating panoramas of the city and the surrounding hills). Piazza dell’ Anfiteatro is the heart of Lucca. Built on the remains of an ancient Roman amphitheatre, it is now home to many cafes and shops. The Duomo di San Martino (the Lucca Cathedral) and the Botanical Gardens certainly deserve your time and energy!

Tuscany Villa Collalto

Villa Collalto at kinglikeconcierge.com

Villa Collalto c. kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 26, Location: Colle di Val d’Elsa, Siena, Nightly Rate: €7.500 – €10.536

With every single detail planned and designed to the tee, Villa Collalto can be easily listed among the top villas in Tuscany, which could also serve as one of the best Tuscan villas for families (or extended family or several families travelling together).

Each level of this spectacular mansion has alluring features. The entrance floor, to begin with, is home to a grand entrance hall and two lavish open-plan living rooms with a fireplace and satellite television. Plus, a fully-equipped kitchen that will make your culinary explorations feel like a breeze. Multiple elegant dinner tables adorn the three indoor dining areas as well. The first floor, on the other hand, is where you’ll find a TV room, a game room with an interior bar and even a chapel!

Desire to pamper your taste buds with delicious local wine? Feel free to head to the cellar on the lower level, which is also where the billiard room is for a friendly game. Speaking of sports-related entertainment, the property also provides designated spaces to enjoy ping-ping, cricket, and even a match of tennis.

As for the sauna, the private pool with the outdoor jacuzzi, and the lounge area under the pergola with the adjacent BBQ space all come together for a fun time, especially after midday or in the early evening hours when the sun paints the horizon with hues of orange, red, and golden.

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The upper part of Colle di Val d’Elsa, called Colle Alta, is a well-preserved mediaeval village worth strolling through. The impressive 16th-century Palazzo Campana, the Museo del Cristallo (Crystal Museum), and destinations like Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, and Greve in Chianti are also within a stone’s throw, so to speak!

Casale La Fonte

Villa Collalto at kinglikeconcierge.com

Villa Collalto c. kinglikeconcierge.com

Sleeps: 6, Location: Casole d’Elsa, Siena, Nightly Rate: €2.295 – €3.295

Dreamy for small groups of people, Casale La Fonte could serve as an inspiration for fairy tales. Beautiful, thick stone walls, massive wall-to-wall arched windows, and balcony doors that provide unobstructed views of the lush landscape and enable direct access to the lush scenery with a simple swipe, and pointed red-tile rooftops adorn a grass-covered plot sitting in the heart of a forested hill in Siena.

Feeling the majesty of the natural world that envelops you, one instantly becomes one with the cloudless horizon and the valley that stretches for as far as the eye can see – to the point where the two elements become one, creating unique sights.

Cosy and tasteful interiors featuring beamed ceilings, rustic furniture, warm earthy tones, charming windows, terracotta floors, airy dining and sitting spaces, modern fixtures, lavish baths, and a homely vibe

combines with eclectic style and a chic atmosphere, giving birth to iconic areas for maximum privacy, sojourn, and entertainment.

Outdoors await a wonderful garden ideal for leisurely afternoon walks, private patios for those early morning yoga sessions, a refreshing (and heated) infinity pool that allows for rejuvenating swims year-round, and even a wooden oven and a lounge area under the pergola to sip a glass of the finest local wines you’ll find at the villa’s private wine cellar!

Dreamy explorations near the villa: The Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta is a must-visit, especially for history aficionados. Expect captivating medieval architecture and art as you stroll through the scenic cobbled streets of Casole d’Elsa. Food lovers can indulge themselves in local dishes like Ribollita (soup made from cannellini beans, bread, and vegetables) and truffle-infused options. The picturesque town is close to popular destinations like Siena and Florence, making it the ideal base for exploring the wealth of cultural and artistic treasures of Tuscany.

Final Thoughts

As we draw the curtains on our showcase of the most beautiful villas in Tuscany, it’s clear that each exquisite villa is more than just a lavish retreat – they are bastions of culture, history, and unparalleled beauty. Whether basking in the tranquillity of the countryside, indulging in the region’s culinary heritage, or simply soaking up the sun by an infinity pool with vistas of rolling olive groves, these top-tier properties promise an Italian sojourn like no other.

Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by kinglikeconcierge.com. You can see more luxury villas at kinglikeconcierge.com, the villa experts in Tuscany.


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