Planning a trip to Africa? Sights & Sounds of Africa Safaris, based in Uganda will help you organise a memorable trip. Our diverse professional team, led by a professional tourism and entrepreneurship trainer guarantees you quality service, value for money and a memorable experience. Our tailor-made packages include:

  1. Mountain Gorilla trekking: 3 days starting from US$1920
  2. Wildlife safaris: 3 – 9 days starting from US$590
  3. African culture and nature adventure: 5 days starting from US$750
  4. Traditional hunting and cultural experience: 1 day, starting from US$100
  5. Education trips for students: 3 – 10 days, starting from US$400

We are registered with the Uganda Tourism Board

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Source : https://www.thetravelmagazine.net/customized-safaris-and-holidays-to-africa/

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