Holidaymakers were left without their luggage this weekend because of a system failure at Gatwick Airport. A number of bags were not put on the flights leaving from the North Terminal.

A Gatwick Airport spokesman said:

A small number of bags were not put on departing flights over the weekend due to an issue with the baggage system. The issue has since been rectified.

Gatwick recognises the inconvenience that this issue has caused and would like to apologise to anyone affected. Passengers should contact their airline for the latest information on their missing luggage.

A spokesman for easyJet said:

Due to a baggage belt failure at London Gatwick Airport yesterday, easyJet, like other airlines, experienced delays in the delivery of hold luggage to departing aircraft.

This resulted in a number of flights departing without all of the luggage stowed in the hold.

If you were affected, the following article will explain your rights:

What to do if your luggage is lost or damaged

Source : https://www.thetravelmagazine.net/hundreds-holidaymakers-left-gatwick-airport-without-luggage/

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